BBC Weather: Mercury to hit -5C as Carol Kirkwood warns of heavy weekend downpours

BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood warned thermometers could drop from Thursday evening after a relatively dry day with light showers and sunshine peppering the UK. Ms Kirkwood said southern counties and the Channel Islands will experience a first wave of heavy rain courtesy of a rainy weather front targeting northern France while northern areas will remain mostly cloudy but rain-free. BBC Weather however forecasts conditions will change overnight, with temperatures nosediving below zero in several areas across the UK as the new front of heavy rains moves in. 

Ms Kirkwood said: “If you’re just stepping out, it is a chilly start to the day, really, across the board. Some of us got some frost this morning, particularly in the northern half of the country where there’s also some dense fog, especially across parts of northwest England.

“In the northern half today we’re looking at a mostly dry day with just a few showers whereas in the south it’s still going to be chilly and we’ve got some rain and blustery winds courtesy of this area of low pressure which is moving across southern and coastal counties just making inroads but it really is largely going to be affecting France later.

“This morning, where you’ve got the rain, pulling out of the southwest of England, continuing across southern counties and some heavy rain for a time across the Channel Islands. Moving north of that, there’s still a fair bit of cloud across parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and also Wales but it will brighten up in Wales and southwest England later on.

“Then, for northern England, we’ve got the dense fog which will slowly lift – when it does, some sunshine for you. A few showers and some sunny spells across parts of Northern Ireland and also Scotland. Temperatures, 6C to about 10C.”

The BBC Weather forecaster continued: “Overnight, we say goodbye to that area of rain clearing away from the southeast, there’ll be some clear skies, just a few showers and then, the next weather front coming in from the west.

“But it is going to be a cold night once again across the board, in fact, temperatures could fall as low as -5C in parts of the Highlands. So some frost around and also the risk of some ice on untreated surfaces.”

On Friday, the eastern counties will kick off their day on a bright note before showers move in from the west during the day.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Tomorrow we’ve got this weather front which is actually coming in tonight and it’s slowly moving from the west towards the east. The further east you are, the brighter the skies will be for the longest period of time.

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“But we will have those showery outbreaks in the west drifting eastwards towards the end of the day son we can’t rule them out completely in the east. Temperatures, 7C to about 10C.

“Then, as we head into the weekend, we’ve got a deep area of low pressure coming in, with the weather front bringing rain and just one look at those isobars tells you that it’s going to be windy.

“The strongest winds will be on Saturday but it’s still going to be very blustery during the course of Sunday.”

The Met Office also forecast the weather to become windier over the weekend with rain falling, the heaviest of which will be in the west.


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Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna told The Sun: “It’s going from bad to worse, with more rain topping up rivers.

“The weather is in no hurry to leap into spring.

“Jorge really wound itself up, with explosive cyclogenesis and a pounding for the UK.

“Cold air coming straight down from Greenland means temperatures close to the coldest of winter from Sunday night to Tuesday night, with down to -9C in Scotland overlying snow, -6C in northern England and -4C in the South.

“Snow in the week is likely in northern England and Scotland, with a chance to lower levels. Central and southern areas may have occasional hill snow, including on the North and South Downs.

“There are ice risks in places and Wednesday into Thursday is forecast more rain and gusts up to 50-60mph in the South. It stays wet, windy and chilly into next weekend.”

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