BBC Weather: ‘Enjoy last day of summer warmth’ as UK faces temperature plunge in 24 hours

BBC weather: 'Big change on the way' for UK says forecaster

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The latest BBC weather forecast shows wet and windy weather will dominate the UK over the coming week. BBC meteorologist Ben Rich urged Britons to “make the most of the last of the warm days today”. Dramatic weather changes across the country will see at least 5C temperature drops by Monday as well as heavy, thundery showers.

Mr Rich told BBC Breakfast viewers: “One thing it has been over recent days is warm. Unusually warm for September

“We have one more of those unusually warm days to come today with a lot of dry weather and sunshine around.

“But western parts of the UK will see some rain later on and that is the start of quite a big change in the weather system.

“It is going to feel markedly cooler in the next few days, particularly by the middle part of the coming week.”

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He continued: “To start today we have some areas of mist and fog, and a few showers across the south-east.

“But for much of England, Wales, and eastern Scotland, it should hold onto some warm weather.”

Temperatures in London today will reach 22C while in Hull temperatures will hit 23C.

Mr Rich added: “But a band of rain will work eastwards overnight with short sharp bursts of heavy rain with strong and gusty winds.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts dry and sunny spells

“Some showers will be heavy and particularly thundery in the west.

“Temperatures drop to 14C across the country, 18C in London. It is much closer to what we would expect for this time of year.

“Tuesday will see another dose of pretty heavy rain for most of us, with wind gusts up to 50 mph.”


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The BBC meteorologist said: “Temperatures much be lower than they have been. 13C to 16C on Wednesday.

“So, quite a big change on the way. Something much cooler to come. Make the most of the last of the warm days today!”

The Met Office warned unsettled conditions will be at the forefront in the last week of September and the first week of October due to a low-pressure system heading for the UK.

The forecast said: “This will bring organised bands of rain, heavy at times for those in northern and western parts of the country, and interspersed with cooler and showery periods, as well as some bright skies at times.

“Drier and more settled conditions are likely across southern and eastern parts of the country, but there is still a chance that bands of rain and strong winds from the north and west could extend into these areas.

“The temperatures are most likely to be slightly below average for this time of the year during the start of the period but will gradually return to near average.”

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