BBC Weather: Britons warned to brace for 10C temperature drop as cooler front takes over

BBC weather: Temperatures set to drop by up to ten degrees

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The BBC Weather forecaster said the weather is set to remain dry for most across the country during the weekend, with lots of cloud for many. A few spots of light drizzle across the West of England and North Wales as heavier rain will kick off the day for northern Scotland. Matt Taylor said: “It’s going to be a warm day today, indeed a warm weekend.

“Once again, temperatures well above normal for this time of year – high teens, low 20s for some.

“But if you’re wondering where autumn is, it’s not far away.

“Wait until we get to mid-week next week, a big change. Temperatures going to drop quite widely.

“Big 10C temperature drop there for Inverness, not far behind in Leeds. It will feel much cooler and temperatures out there this morning are higher than they will be next week.”

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Mr Taylor continued: “There’s some outbreak of rain to the north of Scotland, and a few spots of rain and drizzle here and there, particularly in the west.

“And there will be some further light showers in western areas, most places though will stay dry.

“The cloud will thin and break at times and in the best of sunshine, we’ll see temperatures up to 21C on the Moray coast, maybe 22C to 24C across some parts of central and eastern England.

“Going through this evening and overnight, a sudden breeze will start to pick up, feeding in the humid air

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“It will be another humid night.”

The BBC Weather forecaster added: “Further light rain and drizzle at times in the west.

“And it’s the sudden breeze that is strengthening ahead of this weather front, this is the weather front that will change conditions later in the weekend and into next week.”

The Met Office warned unsettled conditions will be at the forefront in the last week of September and the first week of October due to a low-pressure system heading for the UK.

The forecast said: “This will bring organised bands of rain, heavy at times for those in northern and western parts of the country, and interspersed with cooler and showery periods, as well as some bright skies at times.

“Drier and more settled conditions are likely across southern and eastern parts of the country, but there is still a chance that bands of rain and strong winds from the north and west could extend into these areas.

“The temperatures are most likely to be slightly below average for this time of the year during the start of the period but will gradually return to near average.”

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