Aldi shopper coughs in worker’s face in rant despite coronavirus fears

This grim video shows an enraged Aldi shopper appearing to deliberately lean over and cough into the face of an employee in an apparent attempt to scare him with the coronavirus.

The footage was recorded on a mobile phone and caught a woman’s bizarre rant at staff – who she swore at and accused of taking her money – during a heated tirade in the supermarket in Sydney, Australia.

In the clip, which appears to start in the middle of a dispute, the woman storms towards the exit doors, before turning around and shouting across the shop: “Where are the hundred dollars you just grabbed out of my hand?”

An Aldi worker picking items off the floor replies: “Ma’am, where, where?”

He tries to say something else but her screaming drowns him out.

Marching over, she says: “Mate, I just had f***ing hundreds in my hand, where is it? Where the f*** is it?”

“We don’t have your money,” one of the staff members says to her, appearing to shrug and gesture that he would have nowhere to hide it.

In a fit of rage, the woman leans right into his face and makes a loud coughing sound before storming out.

"Eurgh," someone says in disgust.

The unknown woman, who was shopping in Aldi’s Mount Druitt branch, was called a “feral thug” after the video was posted on social media.

A second person tweeted: “Surely, deliberately coughing, or spitting at someone has to be a form of assault?

“It the victim gets sick it should be GBH, if the victim dies its murder. Sue the assailant at least.”

A third agreed, saying: “As is hitting an elderly woman in the back of the head as you stomp past,”

Daily Star Online has approached Aldi Australia for comment.

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