Adorable dog’s routine of checking on chicks dubbed ‘best thing ever’ by viewers

This is the adorable moment a loving dog was filmed looking after some newborn chicks.

Owner Mary Cappelletti joked her pet, a rescued black and white pooch, has taken up a new role in the family of a "poultry protector".

She posted a video on TikTok and it instantly warmed the hearts of viewers.

Mary described her dog as "a single dad who works two jobs, who loves his kids and never stops".

In the clip, the pooch goes down the stairs to a DIY brooder box where Mary keeps all the chicks under a warm red-tone light.

He hangs his head over the box and checks on the fluffy baby chickens as if he is caring father looking over his newborns.

Mary said that is what her dog does every half an hour "when he remembers we have baby chicks downstairs".

Some viewers were surprised to see the dog behaving nicely to the chicks as one wrote: "My dog would go in and eat those chicks whole."

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"Nah this is the best one I've seen! Look at his derpy face," a viewer commented.

"Why are they obsessed? My dog loves the chicks, he stares and watches for hours," another added.

Others wondered if the dog was thinking to eat the chicks, Mary said she is watching over most of the time.

"We always make sure to be really careful letting him near them but so far he just wags his tail and gives them little kisses when we hold them up," she commented.

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