A New Trail Mix to Remind You of the Classic

Shar Trail Mix makes some changes to the classic gorp (dried fruits instead of raisins, more nuts), but it tastes like a throwback snack for summer adventures.

By Florence Fabricant

Ready to finally hit the great outdoors, take that summer road trip or even a nearby hike? Shar Trail Mix is a terrific throwback to toss into your backpack. Remember simple trail mix or gorp, that loose collection of nuts, raisins or other dried fruit, maybe with pieces of coconut or some chocolate chips? It has it all over many of the new overwrought and gimmicky snack foods. Every bit as crunchy as it sounds, this mix is made from organic ingredients — but no raisins — and has biodegradable paper packaging and offers refills. Some of its profits support local environmental groups through a donation to the Conservation Alliance.

Shar Trail Mix, from $18.89 for five 1.5-ounce bags, sharsnacks.com; $8.50 for a 3.7-ounce canister at thegoodsmart.com.

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