3-legged cat who hasn’t had single adoption offer looking for home for Christmas

A three-legged cat named Poppet is hoping to be taken into a home in time for Christmas.

The three-year-old cat came into the care of the RSPCA in July of this year, having been spotted limping around the Basildon area.

Vets believed he had a broken leg, so Poppet was transferred to RSPCA Finsbury Park Animal Hospital in London, where an examination revealed he was suffering from an old fracture that hadn't healed properly.

Poppet was suffering from deep scabs all over his hip and was struggling with a bout of cat flu.

Unfortunately, the best option was to amputate the feline's broken leg.

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Katherine Ivermee, animal welfare officer at the branch, said: "Poor Poppet was extremely scared and timid at the hospital and was clearly in pain.

"The vets decided that the best option would be to amputate his leg, which would mean fewer complications and less time recovering.

"Once he was moved to a boarding pod at the branch for some much-needed rest and TLC, he began to relax and became a much more cuddly cat."

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After a few months of recovery and neutering, Poppet was ready to find a new home in October – but has yet to receive any applications.

The RSPCA is appealing for the right owner to give Poppet a loving home in time for Christmas.

He's a "very affectionate" kitty who is coping well on three legs and is a fan of cosy beds, food and fuss.

Prospective owners will need to have a safe garden away from busy roads, and because Poppet could still carry cat flu, he'll need to be the only cat in the house.

Poppet would prefer to live without a dog in the house, and with families who have secondary school-aged children or older.

"Poor Poppet has been overlooked so far and we don't know why," Katherine added.

"He's a lovely, happy and sweet boy who just needs someone to give him a loving home in time for Christmas.

If you think you could give Poppet the home he deserves, head to the website to fill out an application form, then send this to info@rspca-essexhavering.org.

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