235 Canadians stuck on Grand Princess cruise ship over coronavirus fears

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version this story stated that all of the passengers on the cruise ship will be tested for COVID-19. Princess Cruises says fewer than 100 people have been identified for testing. This has been corrected.

More than 200 Canadians are on board a cruise ship that is being held off the coast of San Francisco over coronavirus concerns.

Global Affairs Canada said Thursday that there are 235 Canadians on the manifest for the Grand Princess. No one on board will be allowed to disembark before testing for the new virus takes place.

“At this time, there are no confirmed cases,” a spokesperson for Global Affairs said in a statement.

“We are in contact with the cruise line and local authorities and we are monitoring the situation closely.”

Two passengers on a previous Grand Princess voyage to Mexico have fallen ill with the virus. One, a man in his 70s with previous health conditions, has died, according to California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Officials say some of the passengers on board the current cruise, which was headed for Hawaii, would have been on the ship at the same time as those later diagnosed with COVID-19.

Several passengers also had symptoms that could be the new coronavirus, flu or the common cold, health officials said.

Both the ill passengers and crew, as well as those who were on board during the previous voyage, are being tested. Princess Cruises said in a statement that the number of people who will be tested is fewer than 100.

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