2 women evicted from Kozy Inn forced out of second motel

Over the weekend, residents at the Kozy Inn motel were asked to leave the premises immediately after the owners announced they were ceasing operation.

Many of the residents, who rent out the rooms month to month as full-time accommodation, have said they will not be leaving.

Others, like Melody and Patricia Griffin, did. The two sisters found alternative accommodation at another local motel, Seven Oakes, but now they say they are being forced out of that Seven Oakes after only spending one night.

A tearful 57-year old Melody Griffin was visibly upset Monday after hearing the news of their second eviction.

The two sisters lived at the Kozy Inn for 11-years, but now they’re afraid they might be homeless.

They say they paid Seven Oaks $1,600 up-front for a month in rent, but after just one night, they say they’ve been told to leave the Seven Oakes for several reasons.

“‘You have too much stuff,’” Melody says she was told by a staff member at the Seven Oakes. “‘You have to get out.’ He didn’t even see it. We only have our clothes and cooking stuff.”

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