Man convicted of raping women leaving Denver bars charged in another sexual assault

A man convicted in June of sexually assaulting four women as they left downtown bars in 2017 and 2018 has been charged in another sexual assault that happened in late May of this year. Byron Whitehorn, 53, faces new charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment in connection with the latest rape.

Women struggle for treatment as ACC changes policy on perineal tears

By Anusha Bradley for RNZ Warning: Some readers may find this content distressing ACC has cut off a mother whose baby emerged from her rectum and vagina, as part of a review on which birth injuries the corporation will cover. Women say they’re struggling to get treatment – and the

The women who paved the way for Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert

When I was coming of age as a journalist, it was an article of faith — and political science — that female Republican politicians subdued their party’s excesses. It was a measurable phenomenon, even. Republican women voted to the left of their male counterparts in Congress. But as the GOP

Exclusive: Women, babies at risk as COVID-19 disrupts health services, World Bank warns

LONDON (Reuters) – Millions of women and children in poor countries are at risk because the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting health services they rely on, from neonatal and maternity care to immunisations and contraception, a World Bank global health expert has warned. Monique Vledder, head of secretariat at the bank’s

Four 'Wolf Pack' members sentenced in a second sexual assault in Spain

MADRID (Reuters) – Four of the five men serving 15-year jail terms for gang-raping a teenager at a Spanish bull-running festival in 2016 have been handed additional prison sentences in a separate sexual-assault case that happened a couple of months before, a court in Cordoba said on Thursday. One of

On 'day without us' protest, some Mexican women prefer to work

ECATEPEC, Mexico (Reuters) – Millions of women across Mexico stayed home from factories, offices and schools on Monday in protest at gender violence – but some who turned up to their jobs said work was its own kind of protest. The wildcat strike, dubbed “a day without us,” was intended

Meet the women who scavenge for gold at the top of the world

LA RINCONADA, Peru (Reuters) – Eva Chura is one of the magpies of the mountain. Living with their families in shacks in a gold shantytown in the Andes, these women make a living gleaning gold from rubble. They are called “pallaqueras” which roughly translates as ‘gold-pickers.’ Chura came 12 years ago