Republicans withhold support for US debt ceiling increase

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Republicans leaders in Congress on Tuesday (Sept 14) continued to withhold support for efforts by the Democratic majority to increase the United States debt ceiling. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned last week that the government will run out of money next month unless lawmakers take action, and

Justice Barrett says the Supreme Court’s work is not affected by politics.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett said on Sunday that political partisanship plays no role in decision making at the Supreme Court. Speaking at the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center, in Kentucky, Justice Barrett said that “judicial philosophies are not the same as political parties.” “To say the court’s reasoning is flawed,”

Carl Levin, the Senate Scourge of Corporate America, Dies at 87

Carl Levin, a liberal Michigan Democrat who served 36 years in the Senate and scared the wits out of America’s biggest C.E.O.s by demanding explanations for shadowy schemes that hid billions in profits overseas and avoided vast corporate taxes at home, died on Thursday in Detroit. He was 87. His

Democrats Push a Budget to Fulfill Biden’s Aggressive Economic Ambitions

WASHINGTON — The $3.5 trillion budget outline that Democrats unveiled in the Senate this week promises to reshape the government’s role in the economy, in ways President Biden and his party have called essential to rebuilding the American middle class, lifting people out of poverty and tackling the threat of

Biden’s First Task at Housing Agency: Rebuilding Trump-Depleted Ranks

An exodus of top-level officials during the previous administration has left the Department of Housing and Urban Development short of expertise even as its role expands. By Glenn Thrush WASHINGTON — During the 2020 campaign, President Biden pledged to transform the Department of Housing and Urban Development into a frontline

Democrats Vow to Push Their Own Infrastructure Plan as Talks Drag On

As progressives balked at an emerging bipartisan deal, top Democrats said they hoped to move forward in July with a budget maneuver that would allow them to push through their own plan. By Emily Cochrane and Jonathan Weisman WASHINGTON — Top Senate Democrats vowed on Tuesday to steer around Republican

100 Million Vaccine Doses Held Up Over Contamination Concerns, Firm Reveals

WASHINGTON — The chief executive of Emergent BioSolutions, whose Baltimore plant ruined millions of coronavirus vaccine doses, disclosed for the first time on Wednesday that more than 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine are now on hold as regulators check them for possible contamination. In more than three

Pipeline Attack Yields Urgent Lessons About U.S. Cybersecurity

For years, government officials and industry executives have run elaborate simulations of a targeted cyberattack on the power grid or gas pipelines in the United States, imagining how the country would respond. But when the real, this-is-not-a-drill moment arrived, it didn’t look anything like the war games. The attacker was

House Republicans Have Had Enough of Liz Cheney’s Truth-Telling

WASHINGTON — The first time defenders of Donald J. Trump came for Representative Liz Cheney, for the offense of having voted to impeach him, fellow Republicans closed ranks to save her leadership post, with Representative Kevin McCarthy boasting that their “big tent” party had enough room for both the former

Opinion | Who Cares About Hypocrisy?

By Michelle Cottle Ms. Cottle is a member of the editorial board. President Biden is a tough man to vilify. Maybe it’s the grandfatherly vibe or the down-to-earth speaking style or all that talk of compassion and healing. Whatever the reason, Republicans have had little success thus far convincing Americans