Fuming dad made paedo who abused his daughter ‘dig own grave before killing him’

A devastated father has been arrested in Russia after allegedly forcing the paedophile who sexually abused his six-year-old daughter to dig his own grave before killing and burying him. The incident started when the dad accidentally found graphic videos on Oleg Sviridov’s phone, where he made the child perform sex

Russia: Three bodies recovered and five more people feared dead after helicopter crashes into lake

Rescuers have recovered the bodies of three out of eight people missing after a helicopter carrying tourists crashed into a volcanic crater lake in Russia. The Mi-8 helicopter had 16 people on board when it plunged into Kurile Lake on the Kamchatka Peninsula while trying to land on the bank

Russia preparing to launch first stealth warship with ‘excessive’ weaponry

Russia is reportedly preparing to launch its first stealth warship, the Mercury naval corvette. Long plagued by production delays, Russian Navy project 20386 is expected to finally be delivered in early 2022. The new ship will be armed with both cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles as well as conventional guns,

Belarus: Russia bars flights for avoiding ally over forced Ryanair plane grounding

Russia has denied entry to two European airline planes because they planned to avoid flying over Belarus to reach Moscow. Air France and Austrian Airlines both had to cancel flights after Russia refused to let them change their routes, fuelling speculation the Kremlin might be looking at a blanket ban

Russia school shooting: Students among eight killed in Kazan

A gunman attacked a school Tuesday morning (local time) in the Russian city of Kazan, sending students running out of the building as smoke poured from its windows. At least eight people were killed in the attack — seven eighth-grade students and a teacher — and 21 others were hospitalised,

‘Neo-Nazi murder cult’ busted by armed police for ‘preparing terrorist attacks’

A gang of neo-Nazi “murder cult” members linked to Ukraine have been arrested, Russia has claimed. The FSB security service said they made 16 arrests in nine Russian cities, alleging the group were preparing to carry out “terrorist” attacks on civilians and government buildings. The “youth gang” is called M.K.U