Market close: Retirement village stocks come under pressure

Retirement village stocks came under pressure as the New Zealand sharemarket had another lifeless day, posting its fourth successive loss. The S&P/NZX 50 Index was down 49.26 points or 0.38 per cent to 12,970.99 on low volume of 39.97 million share transactions worth $134.56 million. There were 100 decliners and

Stressed about the future? Planning for retirement early can ease your anxiety

Although Singapore has fared better in the pandemic than many other nations, Singaporeans are suffering from increasing levels of stress and anxiety about the future. The pandemic has not just given rise to a healthcare but also a mental health crisis with job loss, a volatile economy and uncertainty about

Road to Retirement: Be aware of five big challenges to retiring early

With the stock market and real estate values hitting record highs, some folks are thinking of early retirement. But retiring early comes with challenges. Consider that if a couple retires at 55, there are fairly good odds that one of them will need their retirement nest egg to last close

Road to Retirement: How taxes, deficits and markets are connected

With our political leaders in Washington proposing massive spending packages and higher taxes to pay for them, it’s important for investors to understand how taxes, deficits, and markets are connected. Big deficits This year, it is estimated that the U.S. will run a deficit of about $2.3 trillion without any

Road to Retirement: Should investors avoid bonds?

If you are fan of Warren Buffett, you may have seen his most recent opinion about investing in bonds. In his annual shareholder letter, he basically said if you own them, you face a bleak financial future. But bonds are a part of almost all prudent asset allocation strategies. I’m