Toyota cuts production target by 3% on parts and chips shortages

TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp cut its annual production target by 300,000 vehicles on Friday as rising COVID-19 infections slowed output at parts factories in Vietnam and Malaysia, compounding a global shortage of auto chips.Employees walk at the Toyota Motor Corp new plant in Apaseo El Grande in Mexico’s

Hollywood film production transforms Whanganui’s Victoria Ave into 1918 Texas

Small crowds gathered outside the security fences of a large-scale Hollywood production in central Whanganui on Monday, with a very well-known extra one of those taking part in the production. Dancing Pictures, owned by US-based parent company A24 Films, invited the Chronicle onto the set, which saw both Ridgway St

Semiconductor bottlenecks hit auto sector, VW, Bosch, Continental warn

BEIJING (Reuters) – German auto suppliers Continental, Bosch and Volkswagen the world’s largest carmaker, on Friday warned about a shortage of semiconductor components needed for automotive production.Slideshow ( 3 images )The pandemic has hit auto and auto parts production globally, and car-making has grown increasingly reliant on imported chips for