Evil Nazi fiends who fled Germany after the war and evaded justice

“Secretary of Evil” Irmgard Furchner went on the run after failing to turn up to her trial for Nazi war crimes, as we reported. Accused of helping in the slaughter of 11,000 prisoners at Stutthof concentration camp in Poland during World War Two, the 96-year-old fled her German care home

What were Colombian military vets doing in Haiti?

Colombia has one of the best-trained militaries in Latin America, and because of this, Colombian veterans are highly sought after by global security companies. They deploy them to faraway places like Yemen and Iraq, often paying far more than they could expect to earn in Colombia. Some 20 Colombian veterans

Russia preparing to launch first stealth warship with ‘excessive’ weaponry

Russia is reportedly preparing to launch its first stealth warship, the Mercury naval corvette. Long plagued by production delays, Russian Navy project 20386 is expected to finally be delivered in early 2022. The new ship will be armed with both cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles as well as conventional guns,

UFO sightings may be confirmed by radio techniques used on MH370, ET hunter says

Historic UFO sightings could be confirmed with new radio techniques being tested on missing flight MH370, a top ET hunter says. Aerospace engineers have been reconstructing the doomed Boeing 777's flightpath in 2014 by analysing disturbances in radio signals. Aviation expert Graeme Rendall told the Daily Star the technique could

Pentagon chief blasts North Korea’s ‘flagrant violation’ of missile test rules

A Pentagon chief has lambasted the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after the country fired two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. The launch, which sent parts of the world into a frenzy, occurred on Thursday, March 25. It was described by the intelligence official as "a flagrant violation