How investors can have more say

(NYTIMES) – When you buy shares of a publicly traded company, you’re a part owner and, in theory, have a right to vote on some important matters that come before that company’s board of directors. Yet millions of people have had virtually no voice in the decisions of publicly traded

Legend Of Mir creator tastes real money after 20 years

(BLOOMBERG) – When a twenty-something Park Kwan Ho created the Legend Of Mir more than two decades ago, he was driven mostly by his love for online gaming. Now at 48, the one-time game hobbyist is finally starting to taste the financial success that has eluded him since he founded

Luxe brands can no longer afford to ignore grey market

(NYTIMES) – Imagine you are hunting online for a pair of square-toed slides from Bottega Veneta, one of the most-hyped luxury brands now. A new season pair can cost over US$550 (S$737) from the brand’s website, an old-guard department store like Neiman Marcus or an e-commerce player like Net-a-Porter. But

Costly electric cars deter drivers from switching

(NYTIMES) – Mr Robert Teglia bought a Tesla Model 3 sedan even though he knew it cost more than many luxury cars. The commercial real estate appraiser tallied the costs of a petrol vehicle and a Tesla, and realised that even after paying more to buy a battery-powered car, he

Tech industry will still grow post-pandemic

(NYTIMES) – In April last year, Mr Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive and the world’s richest man, announced he was focusing on people rather than profits. Amazon would spend about US$4 billion (S$5.5 billion) in the next few months “providing for customers and protecting employees”, he said, wiping out the

Be smart when buying financial products in Singapore

We’ve all been there: You are in a mall when an insurance company employee manning a roadshow booth approaches you and asks if he can do a short survey on banking needs. As you are not in a rush, you agree and he starts with a series of questions about

Me & My Money: Insurance exec puts his faith in long-term investments

SINGAPORE – Saving is the first and most important priority when it comes to investing, says insurance executive Adrian Vincent. Having adequate insurance coverage and a buffer of at least 12 months of expenses put aside in liquid assets for emergencies are also high on his list. Please subscribe or

Be cautious when everyone is bullish

(NYTIMES) – As Covid-19 vaccinations spread, the stock market has been generating fabulous returns. Many of the economic numbers have been nearly as impressive. If you have held on to broadly diversified stock funds over the past year, reading your latest portfolio statement will be a joyful experience. Savour those

The costly pursuit of driverless cars

(NYTIMES) – It was seven years ago when Waymo discovered that spring blossoms made its self-driving cars get twitchy on the brakes. So did soap bubbles. And road flares. New tests, in years of tests, revealed more and more distractions for the driverless cars. Their road skills improved, but matching

Tech that tracks you at work

(REUTERS) – Reservation systems for seats. Algorithms that say whether a location is crowded or not. Cameras to show what’s happening in real time. Trackers that let others know you are there. Technology that has swept the world for convenience, curiosity and accountability is arriving at workstations of United States