Teen was ‘framed in suicide’ after she was ‘murdered over explicit images’

A teenage girl who was thought to have committed suicide may have really been murdered after she was tricked into creating indecent images while underage. Until now police have believed that Giulia Di Sabatino jumped to her death on her 19th birthday on September 1, 2015. The teen's parents, who

Brave mum speaks out after being ‘body-shamed’ by mean family in River Island

A young mum-of-two has been applauded for bravely sharing her experience of being body-shamed by a teenager and her mother in a clothes store. Janine Cross was shopping in Plymouth's Drake Circus shopping mall at River Island and while browsing she noticed the mum and daughter looking at the same

Boy, 15, kills himself after being ‘blackmailed over photos he sent on Facebook’

A teenage boy killed himself after being blackmailed over photos he had sent on Facebook, it has been claimed. Riley Basford, 15, died in Potsdam, New York state after being "bombarded" with online threats over the "personal" pictures that he had sent on social media, his family said. His mother

Tory MP tricked into making X-rated penis gag during Facebook livestream

The Daily Star’s FREE newsletter is spectacular! Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox A politician has fallen victim to an X-rated prank when he tried to respond a viewer's question online. Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas Ross hosted his monthly livestream on Facebook to let

Facebook to label vaccine posts to combat COVID-19 misinfo

LONDON (AP) — Facebook is adding informational labels to posts about vaccines as it expands efforts to counter COVID-19-related misinformation flourishing on its platforms. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a blog post Monday that labels will contain “credible information” about the vaccines from the World Health Organization. They will be

Former beauty queen, 28, dies two days after receiving Covid jab

A physical therapist in the United States has died two days after receiving a covid vaccine, believed to be either the Pfizer or Moderna variant. Haley Link Brinkmeyer, 28, from Indiana, died on January 21 two days after receiving the shot, according to the website "The Covid Blog". The blog

Fickle friend: How Facebook showed Australia who’s boss

Facebook may end up paying news companies for content, but it has shown Australia who’s boss. By Peter Griffin. When Stephen Fenechquit his job as a journalist on Sydney newspaper the Daily Telegraph in 2010, he was taking a leap of faith that he could go it alone in the

Facebook exploring potential news licensing agreements in Canada: Source

VANCOUVER (REUTERS) – Facebook Inc is exploring potential licensing agreements in the coming year with Canadian media outlets and expanding its investment in local journalism initiatives, a source familiar with the company’s thinking said on Wednesday (Feb 24). The move comes as the Canadian government is preparing to introduce legislation