Denver weather: Temperatures in the 80s to start the week

Denver will warm back up over the next few days, recording high temperatures over 80 degrees. According to the National Weather Service in Boulder, the Front Range corridor will feel a bit like summer again during the daytime at the start of this week. Denver is forecasted to touch 80

Seven Denver police officers sue city over vaccine mandate as deadline looms

Seven Denver police officers are suing the mayor and the city’s health department, alleging the city’s employee vaccine mandate is illegal and asking a judge to end it. The lawsuit challenges Denver’s authority to issue a vaccine mandate and claims the city used “executive overreach to decree an edict of

Denver weather: Record heat expected Thursday and Friday

Denver is expected to see its hottest mid-September days in 150 years Thursday and Friday. The National Weather Service expects a high of 95 degrees Thursday, which would be the hottest Sept. 9 since it began recording the city’s temperature in 1872. The current record is 94 degrees, set in

Denver weather: More 90-degree heat continues this weekend

Denver will push back into the 90s to start the weekend with only one cooler day ahead. The National Weather Service in Boulder is forecasting a sunny day with a high of 91 degrees for Denver on Friday. There’s a 10% chance of storms in the evening with a low

Denver weather: Smoke returns, hot start to week – The Denver Post

The 40-plus straight days of poor air quality ended this weekend. But, the deep breaths won’t last long as Monday brings more smoke into the region. The start of this week will be hot and smoky. According to the National Weather Service (NWS) in Boulder, the temperature will reach 91

Denver week delivery: Strawberry Fields hopes to start delivering in August

Ordering an eighth of marijuana from Strawberry Fields dispensary to your doorstep could soon be as easy as ordering a pizza. On July 20, the shop became the Mile High City’s first to receive a permit to deliver cannabis products. It’s working with a company called Doobba, the city’s first

Denver weather: Heat and haze to begin week – The Denver Post

Smoke from several west coast fires will make their way through the metro area on Monday. The persisting haze has forced the issuing of an Ozone Action Alert for much of the northern Front Range. According to the National Weather Service, Monday will be 93 degrees with a 10% chance

All-Star Game in Denver: A guide to bars, music, art and more | The Know

If you’re in town for the MLB All-Star Game and feeling antsy in your hotel room, why not venture out for a taste of the city? Denver’s bite-sized art and entertainment options have multiplied in recent years as thousands of new residents and millions of dollars flowed into the central