Biden Sets in Motion Plan to Ban New Oil and Gas Leases on Federal Land

[Live: follow our coverage of the Biden Administration] WASHINGTON — President Biden on Wednesday will direct federal agencies to determine how expansive a ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal land should be, part of a suite of executive orders that will effectively launch his agenda to combat

How Trump Tried, but Largely Failed, to Derail America’s Top Climate Report

The National Climate Assessment, America’s premier contribution to climate knowledge, stands out for many reasons: Hundreds of scientists across the federal government and academia join forces to compile the best insights available on climate change. The results, released just twice a decade or so, shape years of government decisions. Now,

Shift to a Not-So-Frozen North Is Well Underway, Scientists Warn

The Arctic continued its unwavering shift toward a new climate in 2020, as the effects of near-record warming surged across the region, shrinking ice and snow cover and fueling extreme wildfires, scientists said Tuesday in an annual assessment of the region. Rick Thoman, a climate specialist at the University of

On Thin Ice: Climate Change Is Making Winter More Dangerous

New research on the connection between climate change and winter drownings has found that reported drowning deaths are increasing exponentially in areas with warmer winters. The study, published on Wednesday in the journal PLoS One, looked at drownings in 10 countries in the Northern Hemisphere. The largest number of drownings

Trump’s ‘Frack’ Attack on Biden Seems to Be Falling Short

By Lisa Friedman WASHINGTON — During the Democratic presidential primaries, James T. Kunz, who leads the operating engineers union in Western Pennsylvania, worried the party would choose a nominee determined to cripple the natural gas industry that has boosted the livelihoods of thousands of fellow Pennsylvanians. And in recent weeks,

U.S. EPA promises less focus on climate change, more cleanups in 2nd Trump term

Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler on Thursday defended the Trump administration’s record on protecting the nation’s air and water and said a second term would bring a greater focus on pollution cleanups in disadvantaged communities and less emphasis on climate change. In a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of

Climate fund for poor nations vows to drive green Covid recovery

BARCELONA (REUTERS) – The Green Climate Fund has promised developing nations it will ramp up efforts to help them tackle climate challenges as they strive to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, approving US$879 million (S$1.2 billion) in backing for 15 new projects around the world. At a four-day virtual board

UN chief says drop in emissions from coronavirus will not solve climate crisis

UNITED NATIONS, UNITED STATES (AFP) – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned on Tuesday (March 10) that while the global outbreak of coronavirus may have caused a temporary drop in emissions that cause global warming, it would not end the problem and might even divert attention from the fight. “We