G20 recognises carbon pricing as climate change tool for first time

VENICE (REUTERS) – G20 finance leaders recognised carbon pricing as a potential tool to address climate change for the first time in an official communique on Saturday (July 10), taking a tentative step towards promoting the idea and coordinating carbon reduction policies. The move marked a massive shift from the

Climate Change Drove Western Heat Wave’s Extreme Records, Analysis Finds

The extraordinary heat wave that scorched the Pacific Northwest last week would almost certainly not have occurred without global warming, an international team of climate researchers said Wednesday. Temperatures were so extreme — including readings of 116 degrees Fahrenheit in Portland, Ore., and a Canadian record of 121 in British

Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’ May Be Less Resistant to Global Warming

Last August, scientists aboard an icebreaker that had been drifting with the ice across the Arctic Ocean in a yearlong research expedition decided to take a detour to the North Pole. They needed to get there quickly, so they used satellite data to find a route where the concentration of

Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Hits Record High Despite Pandemic Dip

The amount of carbon dioxide piling up in Earth’s atmosphere set a record last month, once again reaching the highest levels in human history despite a temporary dip in the burning of fossil fuels worldwide caused by the coronavirus pandemic, scientists said Monday. Scientific instruments atop the Mauna Loa volcano

More Than a Third of Heat Deaths Are Tied to Climate Change, Study Says

More than a third of heat-related deaths in many parts of the world can be attributed to the extra warming associated with climate change, according to a new study that makes a case for taking strong action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to protect public health. The sweeping

Get Ready for Financial Shocks From Climate Change, Biden Tells Officials

WASHINGTON — President Biden has ordered government agencies to prepare for climate-related shocks across the economy, as escalating disasters threaten home prices, the value of retirement funds and even the stability of the global financial system. The executive order signed Thursday is the latest indication of how climate change, once

Destruction of Brazil's Amazon rainforest speeds up for second straight month

BRASILIA (REUTERS) – Deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest rose 43 per cent in April from the same month a year ago, preliminary government data showed on Friday (May 7), the second consecutive monthly rise as destruction picked up ahead of the annual burning season. In the first four months of

Britain, Norway and the United States join forces with businesses to protect tropical forests.

Britain, Norway and the United States said Thursday they would join forces with some of the world’s biggest companies in an effort to rally more than $1 billion for countries that can show they are lowering emissions by protecting tropical forests. The goal is to make intact forests more economically

Climate Change Could Cut World Economy by $23 Trillion in 2050, Insurance Giant Warns

WASHINGTON — Rising temperatures are likely to reduce global wealth significantly by 2050, as crop yields fall, disease spreads and rising seas consume coastal cities, a major insurance company warned Thursday, highlighting the consequences if the world fails to quickly slow the use of fossil fuels. The effects of climate

Electric Cars Are Coming, and Fast. Is the Nation’s Grid Up to It?

Major automakers are increasingly betting that millions of new cars and trucks over the next decade will be plugged into electrical outlets, not fueled up at gas stations. That raises a question: Is the nation’s power grid ready to handle this surge of new electric vehicles? Today, fewer than 1