Weird trend sees Chinese parents moulding baby heads into ‘ideal’ round shape

Instagram stars and OnlyFans models are always showing off their latest plastic surgery, but some Chinese parents aren't willing to wait for their little influencers to grow up. They’re using special pillows and even helmets to train their babies’ skulls into a more rounded shape. Babies’ skulls are softer and

Evergrande pays overdue interest and again dodges default

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) – Some China Evergrande Group bondholders received an overdue interest payment shortly before the expiry of a grace period, buying more time for the debt-stricken property developer as it tries to raise cash through asset sales. Certain holders of the 9.5 per cent dollar note maturing in

Evergrande resumes work on more than 10 property projects

BEIJING (REUTERS) – China Evergrande Group said on Sunday (Oct 24) it had resumed work on more than 10 projects in six cities including Shenzhen – a statement that comes after it appeared to avert default with a last-minute bond coupon payment last week. Evergrande, deep in crisis with more

China's new home prices stall for first time since COVID-19

BEIJING (Reuters) -China’s new home prices stalled for the first time since February 2020 in September, official data showed on Wednesday, as the chill in the property market intensified amid tightening credit due to an ongoing crackdown on speculative investment.FILE PHOTO: The Taoyuan Xindu Kongquecheng apartment compound developed by China

Debrief: China's power crunch could add to rising inflation in Singapore

SINGAPORE – A shortage of affordable electricity in China since last month has resulted in blackouts and disrupted production in the world’s second largest economy. Its impact is already hurting supply chains and could add to rising global inflation, including in Singapore. Please subscribe or log in to continue reading

China's property sector stalked by Evergrande default fears

HONG KONG (Reuters) -Debt-saddled Chinese property firms took heavy fire in bond markets on Tuesday, after the poster child of the sector’s woes, Evergrande Group, missed its third round of bond payments in as many weeks and others warned of defaults. A wave of developers face payment deadlines before the

Ripples from the Evergrande crisis

It is now widely accepted that the crisis that has engulfed Evergrande, which is weighed down by more than US$300 billion (S$406 billion) in debt, will spread beyond the Chinese property developer itself. But the question is: how far? Will it be contained as a domestic real-estate crisis or will