Colorado drivers are the country’s safest at navigating poor weather, study finds

Tired of navigating another slush fest, this one in the second half of April? Take heart Colorado drivers — the state is unrivaled when it comes to avoiding fatal road accidents because of bad weather conditions, according to a new study from AutoInsuranceQuote. Poor weather conditions account for about 20

Sturgeon and the SNP are past their peak – and Scotland has had enough, Ruth Davidson claims

Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party have passed their peak and Scotland has had enough of them, according to Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson. “We’ve passed ‘peak Nat’ and, more and more, Scotland is saying ‘enough’,” she is claiming in a battle cry ahead of the elections for the

Coloradans are leaving the Democratic Party and Republican Party in droves, including Albus Brooks and Norma Anderson

A recent Gallup poll placed Americans’ interest in a third major political party at an all-time high: 62% of Americans say the parties do a poor job representing the American people and a third party is needed. Only 33% believe they are doing an adequate job of representing the people.

Ethiopia conflict: What are they fighting about and why?

Ethiopia is facing a civil war between government forces and troops in its northern Tigray region which has caused tens of thousands to flee. The conflict erupted in early November, just a year after Ethiopian Prime Minister Aiby Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the 20-year border conflict

How are African-Americans treated by the law?

Violence has erupted in cities across the US over the death of African-American George Floyd, after he was physically restrained by police in Minneapolis. We’ve looked at some of the data around crime and justice in the US, and what it shows about the experience of African-Americans when it comes