Eighty people bitten by venomous snakes and scorpions following storm and floods

Don’t miss a thing by getting the Daily Star’s biggest headlines straight to your inbox! Eighty people were bitten by poisonous snakes and scorpions following the floods in Aswan. Torrential downpours disrupted their environment causing the venomous creatures to surface and attack residents. In the early hours of Saturday morning,

Puppy abuser guilty of ‘horrendous’ cruelty munches McDonald’s as last free meal

A thug who abused a puppy which led to the poor pooch's death grabbed a McDonald's as his last meal before prison. James Wright-King was pictured tucking into fast food as magistrates left the courtroom to determine his sentencing on Wednesday. The 24-year-old was found guilty at Teesside Magistrates’ Court

Horror wet markets still open in Asia as bats, cats and deformed ducks for sale

Shocking footage has emerged showing bats, cats, dogs and even pangolins are still being sold in notorious "wet markets" across Asia, despite evidence the coronavirus pandemic emerged from one. The animals are being sold from cramped cages in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, and Sri Lanka. In April, the

Sex-crazed 55st alligator named ‘Kanye’ battles 12 zookeepers after rampage

A team of zookeepers have been filmed battling a massive 55-stone alligator after realising his sex-fuelled antics had been causing chaos in the area. The massive American alligator, named Kanye, came out of hibernation "explosive" with his hormones sky-high – and was not afraid throwing his weight around in the

Thousands of cats and dogs stuck in shelters from common adoption misconceptions

Thousands of cats and dogs are stuck in shelters because would-be owners have misconceptions about pet adoption. A survey of 2,000 adults revealed 41% have doubts about adopting a pet for the first time. Top concerns include believing you will have to deal with a pet’s behavioural issues (54%), will

Huge 7ft statue of gorilla Harambe appears covered in 10,000 bananas

A 7ft tall bronze statue of the famous late gorilla Harambe has been erected on New York City’s Wall Street. The giant ape was placed on Bowling Green Park in Downtown Manhattan, directly across from the famous Charging Bull statue. The Charging Bull was also surrounded by 10,000 bananas –