Opinion | At the End, the Trump Pardons

To the Editor: Re “With Hours Left in Office, Trump Grants Clemency to Bannon and Other Allies” (nytimes.com, Jan. 20): Given Donald Trump’s unprecedented abuse of the pardon power in his last hours as president, there had been a good deal of loose talk on the subject, including that pardons

Opinion | Seeking Pardons as Trump Leaves Office

To the Editor: Re “Pardon Season Enriches Allies of the President” (front page, Jan. 18). The headlong rush among some of President Trump’s allies to collect hefty fees from rich felons and their associates who hope to have him grant them pardons or clemency, aside from being yet another tawdry

Can Trump Pre-emptively Pardon Allies or Himself? Clemency Power, Explained

WASHINGTON — As President Trump enters the endgame of his time in power, he is said to have consulted advisers about the possibility of granting pre-emptive pardons to his relatives and to allies like his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani. Mr. Trump has also claimed that he has “the absolute