Opinion | As the Afghanistan Deadline Arrives

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Let’s Not Pretend That the Way We Withdrew From Afghanistan Was the Problem,” by Ezra Klein (column, nytimes.com, Aug. 26): Many members of my extended family and former clients are from Afghanistan, and it is concerning that the prevailing wisdom has now

A heavily fortified C.I.A. base in Kabul has been destroyed.

A controlled detonation by American forces on Thursday that was heard throughout Kabul destroyed Eagle Base, the final C.I.A. outpost outside the Kabul airport, U.S. officials said on Friday. Blowing up the base was intended to ensure that any equipment or information left behind would not fall into the hands

Opinion | Is Leaving Afghanistan the Right Move?

To the Editor: Re “Biden Ditches the Generals, Finally,” by Maureen Dowd (column, April 18): President Biden’s decision to remove the remaining American troops from Afghanistan is necessary and right, but tragic nonetheless. It’s necessary and right because the war is unwinnable at any level of troop strength. We may