‘Where’s security?’ Nadine Dorries interview cuts off as cameraman verbally assaulted

'Where's security?' Nadine Dorries interview cuts off

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Nadine Dorries abruptly ended her interview with Sky News’ Kay Burley after a man started yelling at her off-camera. Ms Dorries could be seen looking to her left as Ms Burley asked her about the Commonwealth Games, which opens tonight. She then suddenly told Ms Burley: “I’m afraid we are going to have to go now!”

When Ms Burley asked why, Ms Dorries said: “I’m going to have to go now. The cameraman is in a bit of trouble.”

She can then be seen looking around for security before exiting the live shot.

The unidentified man could be heard shouting in the background of the interview, claiming that the “cameraman had touched me”.

The Culture Secretary quickly responded: “The cameraman did not touch him.”

At one point, she asks the cameraman in front of her: “Are you okay?”

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