Watch live: Health Minister Chris Hipkins and health chief Ashley Bloomfield update on community cases

Health Minister Chris Hipkins and director general of health Ashley Bloomfield are giving an update on the response to Covid-19.

The 1pm press conference was always scheduled for today to update on the results of the testing over the weekend.

They will also be asked about the investigation into the managed isolation facility at the Pullman Hotel where it’s believed five people were infected with the virus, including three people who tested positive after leaving.

And on Saturday health officials were still struggling to contact 17 guests of the Pullman Hotel to ensure they had tests.

There were no new cases in the community over the weekend.

The changes at the Pullman Hotel also took effect, including:

• After having have had their 11/12-day test, they will be required to stay in their rooms until they get a negative test result and are advised they can depart the facility.

• Returnees departing the Pullman will be required to have a day 5 post-departure test and stay at home until a negative test result is returned.

• If they become symptomatic following their departure from the Pullman they need to self-isolate and get a test.

• Returnees are required to wear a mask when departing the facility or going for their day 5 test.

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