Tory pledge to crush Sturgeon’s SNP ‘yellow wall’ across Scotland after 14 years

Douglas Ross criticises Sturgeon over IndyRef2 mandate

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The Scottish Conservative leader will accused the Scottish First Minister of being “detached from working-class communities” in a speech at the Tory party conference today. Mr Ross, due to speak at a Scottish Conservative fringe event, will also say Ms Sturgeon “become out of touch”.

The Moray MP also claimed Ms Sturgeon “talks down to everyone who doesn’t speak at her supposedly higher level of intelligence”.

During the speech, Ms Ross will argue the Scottish Parliament “ignores” and “belittles” the values of working-class people and that many communities have been left “scarred by drug deaths and marred by all the other failings that her government is too distracted to tackle”.

Mr Ross will argue that the Scottish Conservatives are the only party to represent the working classes against the “cosy Holyrood consensus” on issues like free speech and fair justice.

He will say: “Working-class people across Scotland look to Holyrood and see a Scottish Parliament that does not represent them. 

“Until recently, many of them had turned away from politics entirely.

“They used to have a party to vote for – but it left them behind years ago.

“My party will not look backwards. We are looking forward, to the next wall to fall.

“It won’t be red this time. It will be SNP yellow.”

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The Moray MP highlighted several examples of SNP led Scottish Government policies that the Scottish Tory claims have failed Scots. 

These include the Hate Crime Bill which passed in March and the recently implemented vaccine passport scheme. 

The Moray MP will conclude: “No government for working people would bring in the Hate Crime Act.

“No government for working people would ever treat crack cocaine less seriously than littering.

“No government for working people would mess football fans and clubs around with a shambolic vaccine passport plan.

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“There is once again a party standing up for working people.

“Even if we have to do it alone against the cosy Holyrood consensus, which we will. 

“And even if the SNP try to isolate us at every turn, which they will.”

The SNP has been approached for comment. 

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