‘This is a global issue!’ Kwarteng rages at Remainer claims over gas crisis as EU hit too

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Kwasi Kwarteng noted other countries across the European Union have also been experiencing shortages in gas supplies amid soaring prices in the United Kingdom. Mr Kwarteng dismissed suggestions Brexit is to blame for the change in prices Britons have witnessed over recent weeks. Facing questions from colleague Alexander Stafford, the Business Secretary said: “This is a global issue.

It’s not something that is something of interest and concern to us here in the UK.”

Mr Stafford asked: “Obviously, there’s an EU Summit going on today. We’re not part of that because we’ve now left the EU.

“Does that create friction in dealing with the EU in sorting out this problem?”

Mr Kwarteng said: “I would say that in terms of energy cooperation, this is one area where we have very good relations with the EU.

“When I was Energy Minister, I spoke with EU Energy ministers, I’ve spoken with Commissioner Kadri Simson and we have very much similar aspirations as far as energy is concerned. 

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“You will appreciate, globally, countries in the EU think the same way we do in terms of decarbonisation.

“And in the international forum, I find myself very much working with EU colleagues to persuade the others about the need to decarbonise.”

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