‘They’re holding us back!’ Sturgeon uses No.10 party saga as latest excuse for IndyRef2

Nicola Sturgeon calls for Boris Johnson to step down

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Responding to a question from Scottish Greens MSP Gillian McKay as to whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson should resign following the alleged December 18 party, Nicola Sturgeon called for the end of his premiership as she tore into how Scotland must free itself from “corrupt” Westminster.

During Ms McKay’s question, Conservative MSPs shouted their disapproval of a question they deemed had no relevance to the Scottish Parliament.

But Ms Sturgeon hit back, slamming: “While Gillian Mackay was asking her question there, I had members of the Tory group shouting at me from a sedentary position that these issues had nothing to do with us here in the Scottish Parliament.

“Well, I beg to differ. I think the principles and the values of openness and integrity and transparency matter to all of us who care about democracy in this country.”

She added how she believed Mr Johnson has “many questions to answer” around a raft of allegations over the alleged gathering and another six alleged parties.

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Ms Sturgeon added how other major questions remain such as the revelation on Thursday that Mr Johnson personally asked Tory donor Lord Brownlow to fund the controversial redecoration of his Downing Street flat.

It comes as the Prime Minister is being accused of lying to an inquiry as he gave evidence on the issue. He claimed he had no knowledge of donations despite sending a WhatsApp to Lord Brownlow at the time.

The Conservative Party was found by the Electoral Commission to have not followed the law about declaring donations and fined £17,800.

But Ms Sturgeon went further in her takedown as she turned the crosshairs onto both the Tories and the United Kingdom as a whole.

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In a chest-thumping call to arms for independence, the First Minister slammed how she did not “think it is simply a corrupt incumbent of No.10 that has to go”.

Instead, she said: “I think it’s time for Scotland to get rid of the whole broken, corrupt Westminster system that is holding us back!

“And we can only do that, presiding officer, by coming an independent country!”

Ms Sturgeon’s comments come as Mr Johnson called on Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to investigate the alleged party, which took place during Tier 3 restrictions in London and was originally reported by the Mirror newspaper last week.

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But the saga spiralled into chaos after footage was obtained by ITV showing the Prime Minister’s former spokeswoman Allegra Stratton laughing about the party during a mock press conference four days later.

Responding to a question by junior advisor Ed Oldfield whether a rule smashing bash took place, Ms Stratton laughed, saying “this fictional party was a business meeting and it was not socially distanced”.

Ms Stratton gave a tearful resignation on Wednesday following a ferocious backlash as Mr Johnson said he was “furious” at the clip of his former spokeswoman.

It comes as the Prime Minister now faces allegations of another six party’s which are alleged to have taken place across Downing Street, including one in his own flat, and Whitehall over the lockdown period as calls for the Prime Ministers resignation ring out from opposition party’s and his own backbenches.

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