‘That’s a reason to resign!’ Starmer mocked by Tory MP over ‘woeful’ election performance

Keir Starmer announces he will step down if fined by police

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Veteran Conservative backbencher Peter Bone mocked the Labour leader for his offer to resign if he is issued with a fixed penalty notice, saying that he might instead “want to resign because of the performance of the Labour party in England.” He hit out at Sir Keir’s party, saying it doesn’t look like a “government-in-waiting”. The Labour leader earlier today announced he will resign if he is found to have breached Covid lockdown restrictions.

Mr Bone’s comments come after the party failed to capitalise on Tory losses in England in the local elections last week, with smaller parties like the Greens and the Lib Dems doing better.

In England, Labour gained 22 councillors, whereas the Liberal Democrats gained 193; the Greens gained 64; and the Independents gained 23.

Meanwhile, the Tory party lost 339 seats in England below the 550 previously predicted.

The Conservatives also took Harrow Council off Labour in London and won the contest for the new Mayor of Croydon.

The MP for Wellingborough told Express.co.uk: “I don’t think [Sir Keir] should resign if he got a fixed penalty notice.

“I think if he gets a fixed penalty notice he should apologise and carry on, that’s my view.

“Does that mean that whenever anyone gets a fixed penalty notice they have to resign, like for speeding or overstaying in car parking? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Speaking about Labour’s performance in the local elections last week, Mr Bone said: “There are 4,000 seats decided in England in the local elections and Labour gained 22, less than the Independents, less than the Greens and miles less than the Liberal Democrats.

“So what people want is politicians talking about policies – they don’t want them throwing mud at each other.

“And it seems to me that on the big issues, Labour hasn’t got any answers to Boris and the Government.”

Mr Bone continued: “He might want to resign because of the performance of the Labour party in England, that might be a reason to resign but I don’t think he should resign because he’s being investigated by the police or because he gets a fixed penalty notice.

“I think that’s not right. I don’t think the Prime Minister should and I don’t think Starmer should.”

He added: “To think that if you want to be the next government and it’s a midterm local election and you only gain 22 seats it doesn’t look like you’re a government in waiting.

“The losses that [the Conservative party] sustained were mid-term protest votes.

“What happened was people went off to vote for the Greens, or the Independents or the Liberal Democrats, and that was a difficult midterm result.

“But nobody is suggesting here that the Greens or the Liberal Democrats or even the Independents are going to win massive amounts of votes at the next general election.

“They’re not going to. And nor is labour, based on their woeful limited gains in England.”

This comes as Sir Keir Starmer is under investigation over an alleged breach of lockdown rules after photographs were released of the Labour leader and his colleagues drinking beer indoors during lockdown.

The incident took place at Durham Miners’ Hall during a day of campaigning in the Hartlepool by-election.

Labour has insisted the gathering was a legitimate work meeting and was permitted under the law at the time.

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