‘Stop harking back to EU!’ SNP shamed over attempts to undermine Scotland’s trade boom

Liz Truss slams SNP for 'harking back to EU' on deal

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International Trade Secretary Liz Truss has slammed the SNP for not backing Scotland’s beef and lamb producers after MP Drew Hendry attacked the UK-Australia trade deal in Parliament. Ms Truss accused the SNP MP of “harking back” to Britain’s membership of the European Union. She advised Mr Hendry to instead look forward and embrace the opportunities for Brexit Britain to trade with growing global markets.

“I have much more faith than the honorable gentleman has in Scotland beef and lamb industry.

“I think it is some of the best beef and lamb in the world.

“I am excited about the opportunities in the trans-pacific partnership which by 2030 will be eating 25 percent of the world’s meat.

“And I think he should be looking forward to those opportunities rather than harking back to the time we were members of the EU.”

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“He needs to look where the fast-growing markets of the future are.

“That is where Scotland’s opportunities lie.”

Mr Hendry had previously said the Australia deal was unable to reverse the “trading disaster” of leaving the EU.

The MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey said: “This deal will take 15 years to deliver one-two hundredth of the benefits lost from EU membership.

Liz Truss slams Thornberry for 'negative' stance on deal

“A loss that has already cost Scotland’s economy around £4 million.

“It is projected to cost every person £1600 in red tape and barriers to trade.”

It comes as the International Trade Secretary slapdown Labour MP Emily Thornberry for also criticising the Australia deal.

Ms Truss said: “It is not a surprise that the honourable lady is relentlessly negative about the opportunities of the Australia deal and the Trans-Pacific partnership.

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“I am surprised that she is known as the Shadow Secretary of state for international trade.

“She should be known as the Shadow Secretary of State against international trade.

“This is because there is not a single trade deal that she supports. She has nothing to say about the tariff-free access that all British goods, from cars to whisky, that we are going to secure under this agreement.

“She has nothing to say about the benefits of being able to live and work in Australia for three years with no strings attached. She had nothing to say about digital and services even though the UK is the second-largest services exporter in the world.”

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