Rishi Sunak speaks out on Boris Johnson rift claims

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Speaking to the Daily Express, the Chancellor dismissed suggestions that Number 10 and the Treasury are at odds over taxes and insisted he was working “tirelessly” with the Prime Minister. He also brushed aside a recent anonymous briefing, said by some to come from within the Treasury, calling for “serious changes” in the Prime Minister’s office.

Asked about his relationship with the Prime Minister, the Chancellor said: “We get on incredibly well. I mean, we’re neighbours, and that helps because we see each other every day.

“We see each other in the garden, with each other in the mornings, in the evening. We talk all the time.

“And more important than that, I think we’re absolutely united in delivering for the British people.

“People are going to write what they want to write but both he and I are working tirelessly every day to make sure that we can make this a better country and make sure that people’s lives are better.

“We’re responding to their concerns and making a better future for them and their families and their children.

“That’s what he and I spent all our time talking about. That’s what we spent a lot of time doing.”

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