Raab hammered over £30m aid to Pakistan ‘They were training up Taliban to kill UK troops!’

Afghanistan: Seely says ‘we don’t have a duty to save the world’

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Conservative MP Bob Seely has stressed the need for Britain to pursue a more integrated foreign policy in the wake of the Afghanistan crisis. UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has announced £30 million in aid is to be given to Pakistan in order to support Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban. However, Mr Seely has called into question the decision arguing that “Pakistan secret agencies were training up Taliban to kill British troops.”

Mr Seely told TalkRADIO: “We do not have enough of an integrated foreign policy and overseas strategy in this country.

“The best example of which is we’re pouring aid into Pakistan at the same time Pakistan secret agencies were training up Taliban to kill British troops.

“What sort of!… I mean for heaven’s sake!

“I know we have a duty to the world, I mean we think to the world’s poor and we should be doing what we can to help.

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“We don’t have a duty to quote ‘save the world.'”

“And we have to have an idea of what an integrated foreign policy looks like.”

“Simpy it is not integrated enough,” he added.

It comes as History professor Robert Crews expressed alarm that captured US weaponry could be used by the Taliban to rule Afghanistan with an “iron fist.”

Abandoned US weapons to allow Taliban to 'rule with iron fist'

Mr Crews said the abandoned weapons have provided the Taliban with the capacity to rule Afghanistan”more completely” and “in a more brutal way.”

Professor Crews told Sky News: “What really alarms be and what alarms a lot of Afghans now is the potential that you have a Black Hawk helicopter being brought to bear on a village, potentially say of Hazaras.

“A community the targetted in the 1990s.

“In acts of violence that the Hazaras regard as genocide.

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“So that balance, their capacity to rule Afghanistan more completely in a more brutal way actually is a major concern.

“With the AK-47 the Taliban managed to defeat the world’s most powerful military alliance in the United States and NATO, andd they did that mostly with small arms,” explained the Afghanistan expert.

He added: “They will use those weapons, not in a way that suggests they are reformed but really in fact they go back to what is their instincts.

“Which are to rule with an iron fist.”

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