Post-Brexit Britain ‘free from untrustworthy EU trade partners’, UK trade deals celebrated

Nicola Sturgeon launches blistering Brexit attack

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A recent Lloyds Bank Business Barometer survey revealed that it had risen to a four year high as it signed trade deals with countries including New Zealand. At the same time business confidence in the eurozone fell following a rise in COVID-19 cases across the bloc and issues with supply chain disruption.

The rosy news for business combined with a similarly positive outlook for employees – as a record number of UK businesses said they were planning to increase salaries and economic optimism rose for the first time in three months.

The news was roundly welcomed by Project Fear-dismissing readers – keen to celebrate the freedom that leaving Brussels’ clutches has given the country.

One reader wrote: “The freedom to do our own independent trade deals was one of the reasons to leave the EU. The UK should do as many trade deals in its own right as possible.

“A country being far off is not a reason not to do a deal. After all, the EU does deals with far off countries too.

“When the UK does these deals, especially with countries like Australia and New Zealand, it reduces its reliance on EU agricultural food imports.

“This is important for UK food security. We saw what the EU did with vaccines. And the French threat to cut off electricity. The EU are not trustworthy trade partners.

“Slowly but surely the UK is edging away from the EU, and this will impact on the EU annual trade surplus of £90bn.”

Another said: “The data from the European Commission revealed confidence had fallen for the first time in 2021 – the Remainers will be going nuts as the stats come from their beloved EU.

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“How can their beloved EU be slipping while Britain surges.

“You have to laugh and smile at them. The more they frown, the more we know Britain is doing well and moving forward.”

Addressing the survey’s results Hann-Ju Ho, senior economist at Lloyds, said: “This tells a positive story about the country’s economic recovery.

“This confidence is driven by the continued success of the vaccine rollout, the removal of lockdown restrictions and adjustments to self-isolation rules.”

It comes as UK GDP grew by 4.8 percent in the second quarter of 2021 as the majority of lockdown measures were relaxed across the four nations.

Lloyds surveyed 1,200 UK companies last month for its report.

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