‘Payback for Brexit’ Nigel Farage calls out Emmanuel Macron and demands UK tows boats back

Nigel Farage says there are ‘no rules in the EU’ on GB News

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The Godfather of Brexit, Nigel Farage, appeared on Dan Wootton’s GB News show to talk about the ongoing influx of Channel crossing migrants. Mr Farage, 57, suggested Emmanuel Macron was giving the UK payback for the decision taken by the British electorate in 2016 when voters opted to leave the European Union.

He said: “There’s a bit of payback for Brexit going on here, mark my words.

“They’re rather enjoying our difficulty.”

Nigel Farage then claimed the French President will not show up to the negotiating table unless Priti Patel takes a more hardline stance.

He told GB News’ Dan Wootton: “The only way you can stop this is you have to say that nobody that comes via this route will be allowed to stay or claim refugee status – even if they’re genuine.”

Farage, who has his own weekday show on Britain’s newest news network, did concede this would be difficult.

“It’s a hard thing to do,” he added.

But the former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party then said the UK Government should actively return dinghies to Calais.

Mr Brexit said: “Then what you do is take the boats and tow them back to France.

“That would drive the French and Brussels absolutely potty.”

Continuing his 20-year long legacy of infuriating the European Union, the ex-MEP stressed returning boats to France would drive Brussels and France mad.

He also suggested the United Nations could be outraged by the move.

However, Farage was adamant this move “would bring the French to the negotiating table”.

He went on to reiterate his proposals by saying: “Tow the boats back into Calais harbour and say ‘you’re a safe country, back to you’.”

Farage said after migrants arrive in Britain there is a “tortuous process” in how the authorities register an asylum claim.

He added: “In the meantime, most just abscond, they disappear.”

“They go off into the illegal economy, thinking, of course, they’ve come to Britain – you know – with some Dick Whittington dream of streets paved with gold.”

“The reality is they come to Britain and finish up in a modern form of slavery.”

The 57-year-old also warned the UK had little alternative if it wanted to lower the number of migrants crossing the Channel.

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“You can put the entirety of the Royal Navy in the Channel if you want, you can add Border Force to it, you can add the lifeboats, you can add whatever you want, you can put the RAF up in the sky, you can put drones up, you can do whatever you want, and none of it makes a single bit of difference if every time a boat crosses into British waters they are taken into Dover, processed, given dental care, given health care, four-star hotels and £38 a week spending money and three square meals a day,” he said.

In recent days, poor weather conditions have helped ensure the number of daily migrant arrivals on the Kent coast has decreased.

But Farage, who unsuccessfully stood to represent constituents in the Kent seat of South Thanet in 2015, predicted numbers will increase again soon.

He described the dinghy debacle as an “invasion”.

While he confessed he has been criticised for using such language, Farage said: “We’ve literally got dinghies landing on Kent beaches and people running off into the countryside beyond.”

“What other word can you use?”, he asked.

Farage has suggested the number of migrants arriving in the UK in 2021 could reach up to 30,000.

This is almost the same number as the number of people who live in Whitstable on the Kent coast.

The Brexit-backing politician landed himself in trouble in the 2016 referendum when he unveiled Leave.EU’s infamous ‘Breaking Point’ poster.

Last week, the anti-Brexit Led By Donkeys group launched a campaign attacking companies who advertise on GB News.

In one of their more recent billboards, Led By Donkeys suggested these companies had been “paying” for Nigel Farage to attack RNLI lifeboat crews.

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