Parliament: Buskers to have more freedom to perform at different spots at Singapore River, Ang Mo Kio

SINGAPORE – Buskers at the Singapore River and in Ang Mo Kio will soon have more freedom to move between different locations within these areas – and not just perform in a single spot.

From April, those in the Singapore River busking zone can perform at both Clarke Quay Central and Read Bridge across the Singapore River.

Performers in the Ang Mo Kio zone can busk outside Ang Mo Kio Hub, at the open area between S11 food centre and Jubilee Square, as well as the space near the hawker centre in Block 724.

More busking zones will be rolled out down the line.

“Each zone comprises a cluster of busking locations, allowing buskers the flexibility to move between them,” said Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. “This offers a more varied busking experience for audiences and ensures equitable access to more popular busking spots.”

There are about 80 different busking locations islandwide. Under the existing busking scheme – before the changes announced by Mr Baey come into play – licensed buskers can perform at five specific locations of their choice. After busking zones are introduced, they may be given four specific locations and one busking zone.

Mr Baey, who was speaking at the debate on the ministry’s budget on Friday (March 6), said the Government will also work with the community to come up with new busking initiatives.

One such programme, which was piloted in October, exempts young would-be buskers from having to audition or get endorsement under the National Arts Council’s Busking Scheme if they perform at the *Scape youth hangout in Orchard.

Called Busking@*Scape, it allows Singaporeans aged between 15 and 35 to busk at the *Scape front-of-house facing Orchard Cineleisure during registered time slots, Mr Baey said.

The ministry also announced on Friday that the NAC is developing a digital scheduling tool for buskers to ballot for performance slots, with the aim of giving them fairer access to locations, especially popular ones.

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