‘Not actions we would expect from ally of UK’ Truss furious at Macron – gives him 48 hours

GB News: Alastair Stewart in heated fishing clash with Macron ally

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned France it has 48 hours to back down on threats made in the fishing licences row or the UK will begin dispute talks set out in the Brexit deal. Asked about whether France and the UK had come to an agreement, she told Sky News: “The deal hasn’t been done, the French have made completely unreasonable threats, including to the Channel Islands and to our fishing industry and they need to withdraw those threats, or else we will use the mechanisms of our trade agreement with the EU to take action.”

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Truss said: “I want to work with the French in a positive and constructive fashion and we have made that very clear.

“But we can’t do that when there are these threats hanging over us, our fishing industry and the Channel Islands.

“I’m not remotely happy about what has happened as you can hear me say.

“I want to see this situation resolved. These threats are unwarranted and they are not the actions we would expect of a friend and ally of the UK.”

The minister added: “This issue needs to be resolved in the next 48 hours.”

Ms Burley asked if it would lead to legal action to which Ms Truss said: “Absolutely”.

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