Nicola Sturgeon sparks Glaswegian fury with latest swathe of Covid rules ‘She’s a maniac!’

Nicola Sturgeon labelled a ‘maniac’ by Glaswegian lady

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An irate lady from Glasgow drew comparisons between Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon, stressing that the only thing that keeps them in power is a lack of presentable “alternatives”. Scotland’s First minister came in for criticism after deciding to beef up coronavirus restrictions in the country, prompting Glasgewian caller Shona to furiously call her a “maniac”. Boris Johnson is reportedly in the last chance saloon with a minimal margin of error after a series of high-profile gaffes that led to some of his Tories’ estrangement and willingness to boot him out, with pressure become even more intense if he implements a new lockdown after Christmas.

Asked about the performance of Ms Sturgeon and Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, Shona said: “I think they’re in competition with each other as well.

“She’s been watching him [Boris Johnson] and she just screams for more money.

“Actually, I heard her saying the other day she needs more money from Westminster or she becomes totally shut down in Scotland.

“She’s stopped the football, she’s cancelled Hogmanays, she would love to cancel Christmas. She’s just a maniac, basically.”

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But despite the disastrous situation that has ensued since his alleged Christmas party antics dating back to December 2020 and the breakout of Omicron, Shona still thinks that Mr Johnson is in another league compared to the Scottish First Minister.

She told TalkRADIO that the pair is helped by a lack of standout candidates which keeps them in their jobs and questioned what Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer brings to the table.

The caller said: “I think the only thing that he’s got going for him at the moment is that he is not like our [Nicola] Sturgeon at the moment.”

“The only thing he’s got going for him is he’s not Nicola Sturgeon at the moment.

Nicola Sturgeon provides update on new restrictions

“I can’t see anybody…it’s a bit like up here with Nicola Sturgeon, the alternatives are nowhere to be seen.

“There’s not an opposition in Edinburgh, at all.

“There’s nobody. The deputy Prime Minister is a moment to Keir Starmer. Keir Starmer is doing a good job of supporting Boris.

“But apart from that, I don’t see what he’s doing.

“I think everybody’s in competition with each other to see how draconian they can make the measures.”


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After confirming that Omicron “established itself as the dominant strain” on Scottish shores, several new rules will come into force from 26 December were unveiled.

All Hegemony events will be called off, a maximum of 500 people will be allowed in outdoor public events, including football stadiums, a decision that infuriated spectators.

And in a major blow to pubs, the numbers at indoor events are limited to 200 seated and 100 standing as no more than three different households are allowed to sit together.

The drastic new measures have been implemented in the fight against Omicron with the new variant having became Scotland’s “dominant strain” Ms Sturgeon stressed.

Over 60% of all cases are Omicron-related in Scotland with Delta making up the rest.

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