‘Mad panic among Tory MPs’ Sky News’ Jon Craig issues Boris Johnson dire exit warning

Politics: John Craig issues Boris exit warning

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The Sky News journalist warned Tory files are growing concerned about Boris Johnson’s ability to recover from a series of humiliating U-turns and rows that have rocked the party over recent weeks. Mr Craig noted MPs are especially looking at next week’s North Shropshire by-election as a potential signal on whether Mr Johnson will be able to stay on as leader. He said: “As well as the big vote in the Commons on Tuesday, when there’s every chance the rebellion will be bigger, than the 54 which is the record for this Parliament on the tier system, at this time last year there is also the North Shropshire by-election on Thursday.

“And a lot of Tory MPs have got the jitters about that.

“Now you’d think, majority just under 23,000, surely the Conservatives can’t lose that.

“Well, according to the Financial Times, bookies have got the Lib Dems as favorites.

“And if the Tories were to lose that by-election, there would be mad panic among Tory MPs and the Prime Minister would be in real peril.”


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