‘London is ungovernable’ Galloway hits out at Sadiq Khan – Capital is ‘cesspit of murder’

George Galloway says London is ‘virtually ungovernable’

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Politician George Galloway delivered a passionate monologue on London and the “state” Sadiq Khan has left it. The political commentator sympathised with the hard-working police who were doing their best to manage the capital but said the responsibility of the “cesspit” of murder and stabbings lay directly at Sadiq Khan’s feet. Mr Galloway added that Sadiq Khan and Home Secretary Priti Patel’s appointment was an experiment of identity politics that had not worked. 

Speaking on his Mother of All Talkshows programme, George Galloway said: “I told you at the time, five years ago, that he [Sadiq Khan] would be the worst ever London mayor. 

“And my goodness, has he abundantly proved me right. 

“London is now in many parts virtually ungovernable so much so that after 35 years in London I’ve had to move my family out of it. 

“London is in many places a cesspit of stabbings and murders and drug gangs and postcode gangs. 

“Murdering and maiming each other almost at will and London’s police forces are 20,000 officers short. 

“So I’m not attacking the poor coppers doing the best to fill the streets as well as they can with reassuring police presences. 

“I am blaming the political leaders of London who have allowed the situation to continue.”

George Galloway continued and said he attempted to be London mayor before but obviously lost out to Sadiq Khan. 

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However, the politician stated that if he had been elected he would have “banged on” the No10 door until they reversed their police cuts. 

He joked Sadiq Khan would never do that and is unable to “reach the letterbox”.

Mr Galloway then turned his gaze onto Priti Patel and criticised her stint as Home Secretary. 

He claimed that her appointment was down to identity politics and said if she was the best the Conservatives could muster up then he is a “Dutchman”. 


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Mr Khan and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick have drawn strong criticisms for their handling of the Sarah Everard vigil. 

Ms Dick said she would not resign over the clashes between vigil attendees and police with Mr Khan adding he would launch an investigation into the police’s handling. 

MPs are currently debating the Police, Crime and Sentencing bill which, among other new laws, will introduce tougher rules on protests. 

Labour had said it would abstain from the vote but are now actively voting against the bill which they say will severely limit protests in the UK. 

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