Labour ‘heading to oblivion’ under Starmer warns Galloway ahead of crucial by-election

Labour ‘heading to oblivion’ says George Galloway

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George Galloway has warned Labour under Keir Starmer are heading to “oblivion” as the party confront the possibility of losing another by-election to the Conservatives, this time in Batley and Spen. Mr Galloway who is running against Labour in the constituency has told his RT talk show MOATS that the party’s “day is done.” He added that Labour faces the same fate as the Greek social-democratic party PASOK which infamously suffered a catastrophic collapse in support during the 2010s.

Mr Galloway said: “I honestly believe and I wish but I also believe that Labour is headed for oblivion. I think its day is done.

“If you know Greek politics you can say it is being PASOK’d.

“PASOK was the Labour Party in Greece and is no longer exists meaningfully.

“It was the governing party, it was the natural party of government of Greece and now it is completely defunct, as dead as a dodo.”

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“I actually think that Labour is headed that way.

“But nothing is guaranteed in life or in politics so Labour could stage a recovery.

“But you know after you pile straw after straw onto a camel’s back you never quite know what will be the last straw.

“But I think the last straw might have already broken the camel’s back.”

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It comes as Keir Starmer’s Deputy Angela Rayber was pressed on GMB over her party’s dim prospects in the upcoming by-election.

Host Martin Lewis said: “More people still support the Government than your party.

“What must you be doing wrong if you can’t capitalise on that?”

Mr Rayner replied: “As I have said and keep saying over and over again, I don’t know why people are voting for Boris Johnson.


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I would never do that because I have seen he is a liar and a cheat.”

I have seen that he has allowed that at the heart of Government now as well,” continued Ms Rayner.

“I don’t know why people voted for Boris Johnson.

“I’ve been listening to it but I believe the Labour Party would do a better job.”

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