Health minister in car crash interview as she fails to recall Covid figures ‘How many?!’

Health minister squirms after confusion over Covid numbers

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The UK recorded its highest daily coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic on Wednesday as Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said there could be a “staggering” rise in cases over the next few days. A further 78,610 COVID-19 infections were reported, about 10,000 more than the previous high reported in January. But when asked how many people are in hospital with Omicron this morning, Ms Keegan told Sky News: “There’s 774. Oh sorry, that’s the total hospitalisations in the last seven days.

“With Omicron, there are 10 cases maybe going up to 11.”

Sky News presenter Kay Burley asked: “How many deaths?”

The minister continued: “The deaths were… sorry, I don’t have the actual figures.

“Oh Omicron! We’ve had one death with Omicron so far.”

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