‘Get over it, it is done’Remainer faces backlash after demanding ANOTHER Brexit referendum

Brexit: Remainer calls for another EU referendum in the future

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Journalist Mike Buckley argued that almost everyone under the age of 45 wanted to be back in the European Union. While speaking on TalkRadio, political commentator Richard Taylor argued the British people have already made their views clear over the years and another vote would be pointless. Mr Buckley said: “Brexit is going to stay with us and hobble our economy, unless we undo it, for the rest of our lives.

But Brexiteer Mr Taylor slammed back demanding “how can you undo Brexit” as the discussion descended into a furious row.

He added: “Are you going to ignore 17.4 million people? You can’t ignore the people who voted!”

Mr Buckley hit back: “I’m not ignoring them! It was five years ago!

“We have General Elections every five years because people are allowed to change their minds because we live in a democracy.

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“If we as a democracy decide we don’t want to do it anymore, we don’t have to do it anymore just because we had a vote five years ago!”

Mr Buckley stressed how Britons should be given another vote and if they ”still want” Brexit they can vote for it again.

However, he noted that he was aware this would be unlikely to happen.

Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their frustration at Mr Buckley and his calls to stir up the Brexit question again.

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Twitter user Sarahwyliex said: “He doesn’t speak for me, or anyone else for that matter.

“I’m in my 20s and I voted to leave .”

MsKimKaze simply wrote: “Sorry mate, votes over, get over it.”

Some viewers highlighted that British people have had multiple opportunities to show whether they had changed their minds on Brexit.

Budgiekiller said: “Did Richard miss the 2019 election when the only party to stand on remaining was the Lib Dems?

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“How many of those under 45 voted for them?

“They’ve had more than one chance since 2016, it’s now time to accept and move on.

Elaine_Adams1 agreed and added: “They did have opportunities to stop it, The actual referendum, Remain MPS not activating Article 50.

“Two general elections where one party offered to stop leaving the EU.

“Did the remain vote for them on mass? No, was so many obstacles to leaving the EU and Remain did not use them.”

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