Furious BBCQT audience members hit back at ‘whinging’ Labour MPs – ‘Don’t lecture me!’

Question Time audience member slams Nandy for 'lecturing'

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The Labour Party was slammed by BBC Question Time audience members Thursday night after the party’s poor performance in last week’s local elections. Labour MP Lisa Nandy as well as Labour supporter and broadcaster Paul Mason struggled to defend the party against the wave of criticism. Audience members hit out at Labour activists for “lecturing from south London about politics in the north-east of England”.

Others ripped into the Labour Party for “whinging” at anyone who criticises them.

Tony, from Durham, said: “I don’t need to be lectured by someone from south London about politics in the northeast of England.

“I lived in Hartlepool, I now live in Durham. Durham was a Labour stronghold for 100 years and now it’s lost its majority.

“The Labour Party just didn’t listen to what people were saying.”

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He continued: “They have just squandered £50 million of public money on building themselves a new headquarters on a flood plain. Unbelievable!

“Because they didn’t listen, they’ve been voted out and that’s going to happen and happen again. Start listening to what the public wants.”

Another furious audience member, Jo, called out Lisa Nandy, saying: “Lisa your behaviour completely depicts why people don’t want to vote Labour because all you have done is point the finger and throw stones at people who question you.

“I really would not put my vote on your Labour ballot paper because this is exactly what we get.

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“I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing you whinge on at anyone who criticises you.”

A third audience member Martin followed up: “We need the Labour Party to be better. We need strong opposition

“You appear to be a London-centric party that isn’t reaching out to the country.”


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Lisa Nandy admitted that her party needs to stop “navel-gazing” and show they can “deliver” results.

She said: “We can win, we are winning in parts of Britain and we’re going to go out and fight for the future of this country.”

Paul Mason added: “I live in a working-class London heartland – it is called south London.

“The people who vote there are not oat milk latte-drinking middle-class people, they are working-class people. “

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