‘France is Germany’s slave!’ Frexit campaigner erupts at ‘betrayal’ in outburst over euro

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A new report indicated the decision to ditch the Franc had cost every person living in France around €60,000 in the space of 18 years. Florian Phillipot did not hold back in response to a Twitter post by Clement Beaune, France’s European Affairs minister, in which the close ally of French President Emmanuel Macron shared a picture of the first euros.

The euro = the enslavement of France to Germany

Florian Phillipot

Mr Phillipot, a fervent anti-EU campaigner, replied: “The euro = the enslavement of France to Germany.

“Accelerated deindustrialisation; unemployment on the rise and purchasing power at half-mast.

“The euro is the Mark, the betrayal of France.

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“Roll on the new Franc, which will sign Frexit and the rebirth of France!”

Joffrey Bolee, a member of Les Patriotes, claimed France signing up for the euro was the “worst date in the economic history” of the country.

He added: “Twenty years later: devastated industry, mass unemployment, competitiveness at half mast, austerity (which we are now paying x100 with the health crisis)… #Frexit quickly!”

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“To celebrate this anniversary, I am happy I was able to strike an exceptional coin at the @MonnaieDeParis which combines excellence, tradition and creativity.

“As we said 20 years ago: together we will be stronger, and we will remain ourselves.

“Both sides of the euro bear witness to this. We are French, fully, and Europeans, resolutely.”

Charles-Henri Gallois, President of Generation Frexit who has adopted the Vote Leave slogan Take Back Control, posted: “We especially remember the promises of the euro: more growth; less unemployment; less public debt.

“We saw it. Reality is the opposite. It is the right time to assess our membership to the EU and the euro!”

Mr Beaune had a rather different take on the situation, tweeting: “Exactly 20 years ago the first euros arrived! Many probably remember these ‘starter kits’.

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He added: “Don’t forget how well the euro protects us, during crises.

”Without it, the interest on our debt would be twice as high (over 30 billion euros per year).”

His assessment contrasts with that of the German-based think tank the Centre for European, which has published a study suggesting the euro had been particularly harmful to France’s economy.

Specifically, the research indicated every French citizen had lost the equivalent of 56,000 euros between the period of 1999 and 2017.

The report, written by Alessandro Gasparotti und Matthias Kullas, states: “Germany has gained by far the most from the introduction of the euro; almost € 1.9 trillion between 1999 and 2017.

“This amounts to around € 23,000 per inhabitant.

“Otherwise, only the Netherlands has gained substantial benefits from introducing the euro.

“In the first few years after its introduction, Greece gained hugely from the euro but since 2011 has suffered enormous losses. Over the whole period, the balance of €2 billion or €190 per inhabitant, is only just positive.

“In all the other countries analysed, the euro has resulted in a drop in prosperity: € 3.6 trillion in France and as much as € 4.3 trillion in Italy.”

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