Boris Johnson in blow to Thatcher’s legacy as Tory ‘Crown Jewel’ lost to Remain voters

Conservatives have lost ‘crown jewel’ of Wandsworth says expert

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The Conservative Party has lost control of key Tory strongholds across London, including Margaret Thatcher’s favourite council of Wandsworth. Boris Johnson’s party has struggled with a drastic shift in local voting following the partygate scandal and the cost of living crisis. GB News reporter Alice Porter said: “It’s been a terrible night for the Conservatives in London.

“To lose Wandsworth, which was very much the Crown Jewel for the Conservatives in London, they’ve held the seat for over 40 years so to lose it to Labour in this way, it really is a disaster for the Conservatives.

“This shift that we’ve seen in Wandsworth to the Left is really interesting.”

Ms Porter continued: “About 75 percent of people who live in Wandsworth voted Remain and I think that has been quite a key factor that we’ve seen in this local council election.

“Although Wandsworth has been a real blow for the Conservatives to lose that, it’s also really significant that they’ve lost Barnet and the city of Westminster as well.

The reporter explained: “Barnet being also quite significant because that was held by the Conservatives for about 20 years.”

She continued: “To lose Wandsworth, which was very much the Crown Jewel for the Conservatives in London, they’ve held the seat for over 40 years so to lose it to Labour in this way, it really is a disaster for the Conservatives.”

“We’ve seen Keir Starmer, he’s been out in Barnet today celebrating the success of bringing the borough back under Labour’s control,” Ms Porter detailed.

She continued: “Crucially he talked about that he’s brought in change because it’s got a very high Jewish population there and I think when we had Jeremy Corbyn, who was the Labour Leader, there were problems in 2018 around Labour’s handling of antisemitism.”

Labour have benefited from the shift in leadership to Keir Starmer which has distanced the party from the anti-semetic allegations which swarmed former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The GB News correspondent added: “I think what we have seen with this result, with Keir Starmer out today with the success in Barnet, is that change in leadership that we’ve seen in Labour has made a real difference in the ballot box.”

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“Unfortunately for the Conservatives, they are the ones paying the price,” confirmed Ms Porter.

GB News Political correspondent Louisa James analysed the results of the local elections across the UK.

She continued: “There are signs voters are falling out of love with Boris Johnson, perhaps punishing him for things like partygate.

“You can see that with those three big losses of councils in London, including Wandsworth which was Margaret Thatcher’s favourite council.” 

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Labour have made significant gains within London as the party snatched control of several notable boroughs.

However, Ms James suggested the Labour Party’s achievements were limited: “Their progress was a lot more modest and perhaps not what they’re looking for if they want to win the next election.”

The Conservative Party had relied upon the support of Westminster council for the last 40 years and Barnet has been a Tory stronghold since the council’s formation.

Commentators have suggested the shift in party allegiance among many voters has come as a reaction to the controversy surrounding Tory lockdown breaches and financial policy.

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