BBC Question Time: Stop interrupting him! Fiona Bruce sparks fury over Boris apology

Question Time: Audience member slams MPs as "clowns"

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While Simon Hart was mid-speech on Boris Johnson’s reaction to partygate, Fiona Bruce interrupted the MP multiple times. She said: “What do you think he was apologising for?” Let’s be clear… No, no, answer my question…Yes or no?” Britons took to Twitter to fume at the presenter. One user, @Bessy645 said: “Unbelievable intervention from Fiona Bruce on Simon Bruce. Jess Phillips allowed a full monologue.” Another @Candyooke said: “Isn’t Fiona Bruce supposed to be a chair and anchor in this programme. She’s rude and interrupts.”


That’s all folks!

This week’s coverage of BBC Question Time from Shrewsbury is now complete.

The national broadcaster’s flagship panel programme will return next week at St Andrews in Scotland.

‘Wokeism gone mad!’ QT audience member slams M&S over sweet rebrand

Speaking about the decision taken by M&S to rebrand ‘Midget Gems’, Kevin Harris said: “To be honest, I think it’s wokeism gone mad.

“Everyday new things pop up and I just don’t understand the reason behind it.

“These things have been in circulation since 1900 and what’s changed in the last 10 years?

“I don’t understand why people are getting all het up about it.”

Isabel Oakeshott agreed and called the decision “absurd”.

Isabel Oakeshott tears into Tory Minister over vaccine mandates in the NHS

Ex-Daily Mail journalist Isabel Oakeshott asked Welsh Secretary Simon Hart if he knew how many job vacancies in the NHS.

After it was established there are around 100,000 and Ms Oakeshott also pointed out there was a six million waiting list, Mr Hart was put on the back foot when she asked: “Are you really comfortable with firing consultants who with all their medical expertise have made an informed decision that they don’t want or need to have multiple vaccines against the coronavirus?

“Are you really happy with throwing them on the unemployment job heap?”

Mr Hart replied: “These decisions have to be taken on the basis of public safety and when you phrase it like that it suggests that somehow there is an act of vindictiveness.

“It is actually the opposite.”

An audience member who claims to work in the NHS said he thinks vaccines should be mandatory.

“I think the Government needs to mandate people to take vaccines,” he said.

The audience member went on to claim the Government should do more to help third-world countries in a bid to “end this silly pandemic”. 

‘Absolutely not!’ Journalist condemns jab mandates and other measures to ‘punish’’ unvaccinated

In response to a question about whether unvaccinated staff should only get statutory sick pay rather than full sick pay, Ms Oakeshott said: “Absolutely not, I don’t think anybody should be punished or persecuted and especially not mandated to have vaccines.

“I don’t think that is the approach to take.”

She then voiced her opposition to the jab mandate for NHS staff.

But Ms Oakeshott concluded by saying: “I might be more justifiable if there was compelling and overwhelming evidence that having the vaccine stops you transmitting the virus to other people.”

‘Not damaged at all!’ Journalist says Queen emerges unscathed as Andrew’s case looms

Ex-Daily Mail journalist Isabel Oakeshott said: “I think the good news is that I don’t think the Queen is damaged by this at all.

“I think she stands above it all, she’s behaved impeccably, in every way.”

Ms Oakeshott then claimed the Queen did the right thing in stripping the Duke of York of his titles. 

However, she suggested she did have concerns about what happens to the monarchy after Charles succeeds the Queen.

Ms Oakeshott also warned the UK needs to make more of its post-Brexit opportunities to strengthen the bond within the Commonwealth.

Labour MP Jess Phillips appeared to agree with Ms Oakeshott. 

“The Queen I think has done the right thing today, without question.”

Ms Phillips added: “I think the Queen will come out untarnished, by and large, for those who have good faith.”

Prince Andrew denies the allegations made against him.

‘We by custom don’t comment!’ Tory Minister refuses to comment on Andrew allegations

Simon Hart said:”We by custom don’t comment on matters involving the Royal Family, especially when there is a live case.”

Fiona Bruce pushed the Welsh Secretary on why he would not provide a response.

“No comment at all?”

She then highlighted how it is leading all of the news bulletins.

Mr Hart replied: “I’m really sorry but honestly it’s a well established custom that within the Government we don’t comment on matters involving the Royal Family like this.”

Prince Andrew denies the allegations made against him.

Panelist warns Andrew allegations ‘will matter’ to the Commonwealth

Oxfam chief executive Danny Sriskandarajah, 46, said: “I saw first hand how respected the Queen has been.

“She’s held the Commonwealth together for nearly 70 years and she’s held in high esteem by people, by politicians and the damage that has been done to the monarchy through these allegations, and they’re still allegations, matters here in the UK but I think it will also matter across the world, particularly in the Commonwealth.

The Oxfam chief executive then highlighted how Barbados recently opted to become a republic and suggested other countries could be “questioning” whether or not they want to be associated with the Royal Family.

Tory Minister flounders as Conservative voters turn back on Boris

Simon Hart, 58, stumbled through a segment of Question Time after a staggering number of Tory-voting audience members claimed they have turned their backs on Boris Johnson, 57, amid reports of Downing Street parties.

The Secretary of State for Wales said: “Do I want to come here and see that?

“Do I want to be in this position?

“Does Boris Johnson want to be in this position?

“Of course not.”

Mr Hart then described Mr Johnson’s apology as “heartfelt”.

However, ex-Daily Mail journalist Isabel Oakeshott, 47, warned the Conservative Party could be in for some troubling results in local election contests in May.

She said: “Let’s just wait to the May elections and see what happens.”

Question Time took place in the Tory seat of Shrewsbury, close to North Shropshire.

There is currently an 11,217-vote Conservative majority in Shrewsbury & Atcham.

The constituency also voted to leave the European Union by 53 percent to 47 percent.

Should Boris resign? ‘That’s the basic thrust of the question.’

Simon Hart says this is a situation none of us wanted to be in for the reasons which have become all too clear.

He said: “Actually, I think we really do need an inquiry because that will be able to report without fear or favour precisely what’s happened and Boris Johnson said he will come back and face colleagues face people like Jess [Phillips], in that instance. But it’s really important that I think, for me anyway, that we try and stand back from that and to try and be objective. I know that’s an unpopular view. I apologise for that.”

First question is in and Jess Philipps calls Boris Johnson an ‘idiot;

First question from the audience comes in. Fleur Whitting asks: “Should Boris fall on his sword by not abdiing by the very rules he set us to live by?”

To which Jess Phillips replied: “I think that the very basic simple answer to that is yes.”

She continues: “We have to have a basic trust in politicians. And even as I say this, I can feel people in the audience, both here and at home. They well nobody trusts politicians, and that is deeply deeply problematic. He claims that he didn’t realise it was a party. So he’s either a liar or an idiot.”

Ms Phillips said the reality is that he lied “repeatedly.”

Who is Simon Hart?

Simon Hart is Secretary of State for Wales and a member of the Conservative Party. He was first elected in the 2010 general election as the Member of Parliament for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire, defeating the previous Labour MP Nick Ainger who had represented the constituency and its predecessor since 1992.

Who is Jess Phillips?

Who is Daisy Cooper?

Who is Danny Sriskandarajah?

Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah is the Chief Executive of Oxfam. Before that he was the Secretary General of CIVICUS, a global alliance of civil society organisations. 

He was once Deputy Director of the left-leaning think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research and was the youngest ever person and the first non-Briton to be Director General of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

He was born in Sri Lanka and is married to Trinidadian Barrister Suzanne Julia Lambert.

Who is Isabel Oakeshott?

Isabel Euphemia Oakeshott is a British political journalist and broadcaster. She was the political editor of The Sunday Times and is now a presenter on GB News. Oakeshott was awarded the title “Political Journalist of the Year” at the 2011 The Press Awards. She is related to life peer Matthew Oakeshott and the liberal conservative philosopher Michael Oakeshott.

Who will be on the panel tonight?

From Shrewsbury in Shropshire tonight, on Question Time Fiona Bruce will be joined by Tory MP Simon Hart, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley Jess Phillips, Lib Dems Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper, CEO of Oxam Danny Sriskandarajah and Political Journalist and Commentator Isabel Oakeshott.

Good evening

Good evening from London. I’m Rachel Hagan, I’ll be bringing you all the latest developments on Question Time. Please feel free to get in touch with me as I work if you have a story or tips to share! Your thoughts are always welcome.


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