‘Arrogance failed young people’ SNP savaged over ‘exam fiasco’ and told to apologise

SNP slammed for 'nationalist brainwashing' by McCrae

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Meghan Gallacher, the Scottish Conservative MSP for the Central Scotland region, lashed out at Scotland’s ruling Government, accusing Nicola Sturgeon’s party of a “failure to address the attainment gap harms pupils from poorer backgrounds”. She highlighted how exam grades are “down again this year and despite warnings during the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) report statements, we are witnessing yet another catastrophic failure”. Ms Gallacher warned there is “no excuse for this debacle” and the SNP should have learnt from “previous mistakes”

The Scottish Tory MSP demanded the Government “apologise to all pupils for this sorry mess”, accusing the SNP of “arrogance” and ordering the First Minister’s party to “sort this mess immediately”.

She raged on Twitter: “I went to a secondary school which was in an area of high deprivation.

“Some of the former pupils were lucky and went on to achieve good grades, a job or a positive destination.

“The SNPs failure to address the attainment gap harms pupils from poorer backgrounds.

“Education should never be a postcode lottery and all young people deserve a fair system which gives them the opportunity to succeed.”

“Exam grades are down again this year and despite warnings during the OECD report statement, we are witnessing yet another catastrophic failure.

Ms Gallacher added: “There is no excuse for this debacle. The SNP should have learned from previous mistakes to ensure that young people were not negatively impacted.

“However, as we know pupils were sitting exams in all but name, despite the Government stating that exams were cancelled.

“The SNP must apologise to all pupils for this sorry mess.

“They ignored all warnings of what could happen if they didn’t address the exam fiasco properly. They didn’t listen.

“The arrogance of the SNP has failed our young people and they must sort this mess immediately.

Ms Gallacher’s comments come in response to a newspaper column from Scottish Conservative Education Secretary Oliver Mundell, where he lashed out at the SNP after Scottish students throughout the country received their latest exam results.

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He wrote: “In 2015, Nicola Sturgeon gave a speech in which she said: ‘My aim – to put it bluntly – is to close the attainment gap completely.

“She described it as a ‘moral challenge’.

“She said: ‘I want to be able to say, with confidence, that there is no better place in the world to be educated than here in Scotland, and I want to know this claim holds true for all young people, regardless of their background or circumstance’.

“Yet six years later, yesterday’s school examination results show that far from being closed, the gap between the attainment of pupils from Scotland’s richest and poorest neighbourhoods is widening.”

Mr Mundell added: “Across National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, the gap increased between the performance of the most deprived fifth and the least deprived fifth of pupils.

“The gap was larger for achieving As at Higher and Advanced Higher. This year, that gap grew to its highest level since records began in 2017, giving pupils from the wealthiest neighbourhoods an edge in the race for the best university places against their poorest peers.

“However, no pupil was spared from the SNP’s wholesale downgrading of results. At every level and for all pupils, passes were lower this year than in 2020, with a higher proportion of entries failing.

“Yet even here, pupils from the poorest backgrounds were hit hardest. They were twice as likely to see their grades dropped from a pass to a fail as those from the most affluent backgrounds at Advanced and Advanced Higher.

“This all means that pupils this year were more likely to have their grades downgraded by where they live and what school they go to than their peers the previous years.”

Express.co.uk has contacted the SNP for comment.

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