Opinion | Tell Us Your Uplifting Stories

We ask readers for examples of how the virus has brought out the best in humanity. Among the uplifting aspects of the coronavirus crisis are the stories of people going out of their way to help one another as well as supporting local businesses, crafting masks, setting up food banks,

Opinion | Who Killed Keylan Knapp?

My childhood friend has joined America’s “deaths of despair.” By Nicholas Kristof Opinion Columnist Among the kids who boarded my No. 6 school bus each morning near Yamhill, Ore., were the Knapps, five smart and rambunctious children whose family had recently bought their first home and were full of confidence

Commentary: Why Trump’s border wall would backfire on him

The stalemate between Donald Trump and congressional Democrats over funding for the border wall has been politically damaging for the president. Most Americans blame him for the longest government shutdown in history. Plus he has been put in a difficult strategic corner as he needs a way to resolve the

Commentary: Putin can't afford to ditch the dollar

Paul Manafort, while managing Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign, is accused of passing private polling data to his Russia business partner, a man with alleged ties to Russian intelligence. This new information, revealed in an unsealed court filing, is likely to stoke the case in Congress for increased sanctions against